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The World's Greatest Luxury Experiences at the Touch of a Button

Want to drive a Rolls-Royce Ghost for the evening? Spec out your wine cellar with a Master Sommelier? Venture into the furthest reaches of Australia’s Outback? Swoon to the strains of an A-list artist strumming live in your home?

EYES/ONLY® offers the greatest luxury experiences on one invitation-only mobile platform. More imagination, more access, more memories---all in the palm of your hand.

Delight Is In The Details.

How It Works

EYES/ONLY® is an invitation-only, state-of-the-art digital ecosystem comprised of the world's best luxury brands. With our beautifully designed mobile app, you can interact directly with the world's best providers to streamline the discovery and delivery of an exclusive collection of the best luxury products, services and experiences in the world. EYES/ONLY® makes it easy to access it all but let's start with something simple: we want a Rolls-Royce Ghost in Nashville for the evening.

From discovery to delivery, EYES/ONLY® makes it easy to access the ultimate luxury lifestyle from your mobile phone.

Streamlined luxury car rentals (in select cities) are just one of many
luxury experiences available to members of EYES/ONLY®.

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Discovery to Delivery. All In One Place.

Only The Best

Not every experience necessitates the level of preparation required to reach the summit of Everest.

Not every experience requires the mastery essential to create a 100-point Grand Cru.

Not every experience rivals the complexities of man's first foot on the moon.

Unless it's one of ours.

The Precision of Perfection

Experience Curators are put through rigorous analysis, vetting, logistics and design to ensure precise, discreet, flawless delivery for every customer--every time.

We seek out only a select few of the best luxury brands in the world, require them to design each and every detail and make them available to you, our member, at the touch of a button from anywhere across the globe.

Luxury Experiences

Our Criteria


We ask partners to offer luxury experiences you won't find on the first page of Google. We require them to go above and beyond for you, our member, and to elevate your experience to the absolute highest version of itself that could ever exist.


The majority of our experiences are not easily accessible by the general public and require unique access, imagination, expertise and relationships to create. Our curators specialize in things you're not likely to find in other places.


Your experience should create a memory like none you've ever made before and deliver such profound happiness and excitement that you absolutely cannot wait to share stories of what it meant to you.

Elegance. At Every Turn.

Luxury Experiences On EYES/ONLY®

Our Curators focus on a collection of luxury experiences that are typically difficult to imagine, arrange access to, perfect the logistics of and execute flawlessly, consistently and with precision.

As a general rule, EYES/ONLY® offers things your concierge cannot easily execute for you or might not imagine (things like an A-List artist performance in your living room this weekend). For more routine requests--restaurant reservations, nightlife, tickets, etc.--we interface directly with existing assets including your concierge, lifestyle manager, assistant or other personnel.

Example experiences include:

Due to the unique nature of our experiences, specific names and details in the examples below are kept confidential from the public to protect our member and experience providers.

Private Performances

Private Performances

From the world's best symphonies to intimate private performances by chart-topping artists, music legends and everything in between, access the A-List with EYES/ONLY® without navigating the complexities of agents, managers, production and more. Simply sit back and enjoy the show.

Sports Immersions

Sports Experiences

Enjoy a round of golf on the most exclusive courses in the world, immerse yourself as an honorary player for the top-ranked hockey team for the day and watch the game from the players' bench on the ice or put yourself behind the wheel of an F1 car in Monaco with instruction from a championship driver.

Culinary Creations

Private Chefs

Indulge in the ultimate gastronomic experience from award-winning private chefs for once-in-a-lifetime meals prepared from the comfort of your own home. Or, have the best chefs in a world teach you their secrets and take your own cuisine to the next level.


Haute Couture And Fashion

Whether it's a haute couture dress for a special occasion designed by one of the world's premier fashion houses, inside access to Fashion Week from an A-List industry insider or an exceptionally rare timepiece paired with one-on-one access to the master watchmaker in Geneva, we strive to curate the most exclusive fashion collection in the world for our members.


Luxury Car Experiences

From an exotic car delivered for the day to bespoke vehicle design in partnership with the global head of design for one of the world's most prestigious luxury car brands, experience the fun side of the finer things.


Luxury Adventures

Whether you'd like to reach the summit of Everest, design your own bespoke cigar blend with one of the world's master blenders or experience your first safari with one of the top guides in the world, we connect you to pioneers that can help you achieve your dreams with precision.

We Are Not A Concierge.

The luxury industry is home to a growing number of reactive concierge companies that promise to deliver absolutely anything in the world at a moment's notice. We look at things differently. We know that the best things in the world take time, experience, connections, research and logistics and wouldn't imagine outsourcing them to a call center just so we could pick up the phone at 3 A.M.

State-of-the-Art Is Our Status Quo.

EYES/ONLY® was designed from day one to put the best technology in the world behind (and in the palms of) our members, providers and team to ensure flawless execution, global availability and a seamless customer experience.

By Invitation Only

To ensure superior service and to protect the privacy of our members and experience partners, membership to EYES/ONLY® is available by invitation only.

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Simplicity. By Design.

Our state-of-the-art technology platform and network of Curators handle the logistics and build an extensive rolodex proactively so that all that's left when you see something you like is to enjoy the marvelous orchestration of perfection.

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Our Name

"Eyes Only" is a term used to reflect secrets that have been disclosed to a specific individual, not to be seen by the general public. We chose our name because it is a symbol of our absolute commitment to personalization, exclusivity, privacy and discretion. These values permeate everything we do.

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