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EYES/ONLY® for iPhone®

The Digital Future Of Luxury

The World's Greatest Luxury Experiences at the Touch of a Button

Want to drive a Rolls-Royce Ghost for the evening? Spec out your wine cellar with a Master Sommelier? Venture into the furthest reaches of Australia’s Outback? Swoon to the strains of an A-list artist strumming live in your home?

EYES/ONLY® offers the greatest luxury experiences on one invitation-only mobile platform. More imagination, more access, more memories---all in the palm of your hand.

Live Dreams You Never Knew You Had.

How It Works

EYES/ONLY® isn’t just another mobile application---it’s a digital portal to a luxury ecosystem. With our elegantly designed mobile application, you can interact directly with the world's finest luxury providers and realize dreams you never knew you had or thought possible. But let's start with something (relatively) simple: Say you wanted to drive a Rolls-Royce Ghost in Nashville for the evening.

Easy-to-book exotic car rentals (in select cities) are just one of many luxury experiences available to members of EYES/ONLY®.

Want to reach the world’s most passionate, discerning clients?

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Only The Best

Not every experience necessitates the level of preparation required to reach the summit of Everest.

Not every experience requires the mastery essential to create a 100-point Grand Cru.

Not every experience demands extraordinary imagination, access and time to assemble.

Unless it's one of ours.

Exceptional Curation

Simply put, we seek out the best experience providers in the world. They are our Curators—and your expert guides through the maze of luxury en route to lifelong memories.

Our Criteria


Our Curators are a special breed. They have to be, because a majority of our experiences require unique access, imagination, expertise and relationships to create.


The world of EYES/ONLY is not easily accessible by the general public. Our Curators specialize in delivering extraordinary experiences you're not likely to find anywhere else.


Our Curators know that the greatest experiences grow even richer with time. You’ll want to share your stories—and luxuriate in the memories—for decades to come.

Elegance. At Every Turn.

By Invitation Only

EYES/ONLY® has a singular focus: to pair passionate clients with passionate luxury-experience providers. To ensure superior service and protect the privacy of our clients and Curators, membership to EYES/ONLY® is available by invitation only.

We Are Not A Concierge.

A growing number of luxury concierge firms promise the world at a moment’s notice. But what if you don’t know what you want? Or they don’t have the connections to pull it off? EYES/ONLY® spares you all that work and wonder by converging the world’s most extraordinary experiences and making it luxuriously easy to enjoy them. Just search, tap, make memories, repeat.

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EYES/ONLY scours the globe to assemble the definitive collection of luxury products, services and experiences. All prospective luxury Curators are welcome to apply.

Please contact us and a strategic-alliance liaison will follow up with you shortly.

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Our Commitment

The EYES/ONLY® name is a symbol of our absolute commitment to exclusivity, personalization, privacy and discretion. No noise, no distractions, no party-crashers. This is Luxury. Mobilized.

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