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Meet L’Hydroptère, The Fastest Sailboat In The World

April, 22, 2013 | Rides
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Meet L'Hydroptère, The Fastest Sailboat In The World

A marvelous fusion between pioneering research in marine and aeronautic science, L’Hydroptère holds the title of the fastest sailboat in the world. Uniquely designed to glide above the water at certain speeds (to negate hydrodynamic drag), L’Hydroptère is capable of accelerating from 20 to 45 knots in just 10 seconds.

The Sailboat's 'Wings'

The brainchild of a team led by Alain Thébault, L’Hydroptère’s carbon-fiber and titanium construction allows the stylish craft to combat pressure twice as high as what’s exerted on an F-16. By harnessing ‘lift’ in a similar fashion, the sailboat is able to fly across the surface of the ocean with only minimal resistance from the waves below.


While already crowned with one of the most prestigious reputations in the world of sailing, L’Hydroptère’s next frontier rests on an impending attempt to set the fastest transpacific crossing time between Los Angeles and Honolulu. To follow their fascinating journey (or read more about the impeccable engineering behind its title), follow Alain’s team here.

Photos Copyright Guilain Grenier and Christophe Launay

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