Luxury. Mobilized.

The concierge enters the modern era with EYES/ONLY®, the ultimate luxury experience companion for those who demand the pinnacle of luxury lifestyle.

Access our exclusive bespoke collection of luxury experiences with our state-of-the-art mobile application for iOS--designed to be the ultimate destination for discerning clientele.

Think of us as your own digital liaison to luxury.

It’s the best, the first and the only portal to the world of luxury lifestyle that fits in the palm of your hand.

We make interacting with luxury products, services and experiences as simple, straightforward, and easy as possible by mobilizing resources in pursuit of the ultimate luxury experience--whatever it may be--so that you can focus on actually experiencing it.

The Finer Things At Your Fingertips.

Experience the world’s finest curated collection of luxury experiences, on-demand from the palm of your hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's a concierge reinvented for today's customer and engineered to deliver an unparalleled luxury experience at the touch of a button, no assistant required.

Access: The Ultimate Luxury Experience Collection

From exotic car rental in San Francisco to private security in Nashville, once-in-a-lifetime culinary experiences throughout the United States, in-home private performances from A-List celebrity artists and exclusive VIP access to premier events, Access is your portal to the best luxury products, services and experiences the world has to offer.

Immerse Yourself

Browse a dynamic, curated catalog of the world’s best luxury experiences with our visually-stunning, photo-driven mobile experience that’s so easy to use it’s been called “the app for people that don’t use apps” by a former editor of Forbes (who liked it so much he joined the team).

Smart Search + Sort

Our luxury mobile application learns what you like (and what you don’t) and automatically reorganizes what it presents based on your interests, location, the weather, and more. Search by city, product, business or whim and we’ll point you in exactly the direction you’d hoped to go--and the best luxury experience to go along with it.

Ultimate Transparency

Straightforward, up-front pricing and policies mean that you always know exactly what things cost, how they’ll be billed, and when you need to cancel for a full refund, no questions asked.

Pulse: Real-Time Reinvented

To create the ultimate luxury experience, we built our own state-of-the-art notification system to give you insight and transparency into every experience so that you know exactly when your experience is prepared for your arrival (alongside any customizations and personalizations that may happen along the way). Pulse also provides exclusive, location-based invitations to private luxury events, products, services and experiences.

Real-Time Status

With Pulse, you’ll always have real-time access to relevant information pertaining to your ultimate experience, often including opportunities for personalization, customization, and special requests along the way.

Exclusive Invites

Receive exclusive, location-based invitations to exclusive events, products, services and experiences based on your tastes and interests. Experience a mobile luxury lifestyle like never before.

Bespoke Content

Based on natural engagement with Pulse, we’ll proactively prioritize real-time access to the luxury experiences you like and simultaneously avoid showing you things you don’t.

Societies: Invitation-Only Reimagined

Societies feature invitation-only collections of incredible experiences curated by and for the top luxury brands on the planet. From clandestine lifestyle Societies captained by celebrities to secret collections exclusively available by referral from some of the globe's top private wealth managers, exclusive insider experiences from five-star hotels and everything in between, Societies are your key to exclusive, unparalleled access to the world of luxury around you.
Twitter marked the beginning of an era with @ and #. Now, EYES/ONLY® introduces *, the universal identity of Societies.


Patrick Widen

Founder + CEO

Designer + Programmer Since The Age of 12. One of Vanderbilt's Youngest Guest Lecturers In History. Applied Neuroscience/Behavioral Economics Expert.

Brett Nelson

Erstwhile Forbes Executive Editor and Mechanical Engineer; MBA in Finance; Tequila Connoisseur, Tarpon Hunter, PG Wodehouse Fan.

Dane McFarlin

Relationship Expert. Sommelier. Sales Strategist. Affinity Relationship Builder.

Lance Goodman

Real-Estate Development Expert. Behavioral Strategy Master. World Series Poker Player.

Kenny Soll

Detail Driven. Efficiency Obsessed. Lover of Logistics. Process Maximizer.

Press + Media

01/29/2014 - Forbes Spotlights EYES/ONLY®'s Technology
12/23/2013 - The Tennessean Features EYES/ONLY® And Founder Patrick Widen
03/18/2013 - SouthernAlpha Covers EYES/ONLY®'s Gatsby-Esque Launch Party
11/09/2011 - Venture Nashville Highlights EYES/ONLY®'s Luxury Technology
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If helping connect the world's high-net-worth and ultra high-net-worth consumers to the absolute best experiences and luxury providers on the planet sounds like a dream job, we want to hear from you. EYES/ONLY offers an extremely innovative perks program built atop its philosophy and vision to mobilize luxury. As a part of our company, you'll have access to our service and facilities in the same way a client would.

By day: build the platform that delivers everything from Ferraris to artist performances, exclusive event access, and more to the most discerning clientele on Earth.

By night: enjoy exclusive access to that very same platform to pick up a Ferrari of your own and gain entry to the city's most exclusive event, instantly, with the touch of a button.

Current Positions

Senior iOS Engineer / Nashville, TN

Are you an iOS design and development rockstar? We are looking for a best-in-class developer to help us refine and perfect our mobile experience for our customers. Experience in luxury, hospitality, design or a personal passion for products, services or experiences in these industries is a plus. Understanding the other elements of our ecosystem/platform are equally attractive, including: PHP, MySQL, Linux, nginx, and APIs for Stripe, Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn, etc.

Software Engineer / Nashville, TN

We are looking for a LEMP expert to help us manage and extend the magic behind the curtain of our product and to work alongside our other engineers to help refine and perfect the best luxury user experience on the planet.
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